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Fellow Traveler,

You are about to embark on an unbelieveable journey!  A voyage that will take you to distant lands, from the flowing canals of Venice to the frozen glaciers of Alaska; from the explosive volcanoes of Chile to the grand pyramids of Egypt; or from the sun-roasted beaches of the Caribbean to the historic catacombs of Rome. This remarkable journey is made possible through the experience and expertise of Ed Walsh and Vived Cruises.


"Travel Safety Tips"

"Staying Healthy on Vacation"
Ed talks about the Norwalk Virus

A world-traveler, Ed can share with you his engaging stories and invaluable insight for just about any destination. What should you pack?  Is it safe to eat ashore?  What if we become ill?  Ed has the answers to all your questions.  A fully-licensed booking agent, Ed will see you through every step of the planning process and show you how to "spend your time better than you spend your money."   

Sit back! All you need to do is enjoy your amazing vacation.  Whether you book your whole trip or simply consult, the perfect travel destination is at your fingertips, with Ed Walsh and Vived Cruises truly "bringing the world to you!"     

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