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Vived Travel Consulting Services


Who needs travel consulting?

Anyone and everyone!  With so many things to think about and plan for when traveling, why not be safe rather than sorry?

What are the benefits?

You can gain insight through the travels of Ed Walsh.  Ed uses his experiences to help find you a perfect match vacation! He's "been there, done it all" and wants to make sure you get the most for your money and enjoy your trip to the fullest extent.  For a fraction of the cost of your trip and a small bit of your time, consulting can make all the difference.

Ed has amassed many contacts throughout his career as a cruise director, and he still keeps in touch with them today.  A fully-licensed travel agent, Ed holds himself and his business to a high set of standards.  His affiliation with the CLIA (Cruise Line International Association) makes him one of 17,000 travel agents across the United States and Canada who have completed a rigorous curriculum of cruise sales training. This means you will have access to the most up-to-date, inside information before you travel.  

With a vested interest in your satisfaction, Ed works hard to please.  He wants you to "spend your time better than you spend your money!"  Ed will help you to maximize your experience while minimzing cost with priceless tips about shopping bargains, excursions, and activities.


Let a professional take the helm and do the worrying for you!  When you consult with Vived Cruises, there are NO surprises!  As your Cruise Director, Ed will guide you through questions and topics you might not have even considered, such as:


   Activities and Excursions:

  • What types of onboard activities are offered?
  • What kind of entertainment/shows are available?
  • How to reserve cooking demos and wine tastings?
  • How to plan tours and excursions?
  • Are there any Eco-friendly tours?
  • Should tours be planned before you leave or on the ship?
  • Customary tipping for ship staff and tour guides?
  • Ways to save money and time in port?
  • Shopping tips and items unique to certain areas?
  • What items should we take ashore?

    Food and Dining:

  • Must you dine with others, or can you sit alone?
  • Which dinner seating is better: early or late?
  • Can food be taken off the ship?
  • Is it safe to eat or drink ashore?
  • Tipping… what is customary?


  • What to pack and what NOT to pack?
  • What kind of luggage/bags to use?
  • How to carry important items such as medications and travel documents?
  • What kind of laundry services are available?
  • How many formal nights should I pack for?
  • What will the weather be?  Do you need: jackets, pants, shorts, sneakers, etc…

   Security and Travel:

  • Do we need traveler’s checks?
  • Should we carry cash for tipping?
  • Do we need any vaccinations?
  • Important documents: identification, passports, etc…
  • Customs, immigration, and debarkation: how to make as smooth as possible?
  • New security measures: how ships are protecting you?
  • Tour and excursion dispatch procedures?
  • What if someone becomes ill: contacting medical staff on board?